Workplace Disputes and Assaults

Employment, Workplace, Disputes and Assaults: A Criminal Defense Attorney’s Prospective

As criminal defense attorneys | lawyers, disputes or assaults that happen at the workplace or place of employment are especially difficult cases because a criminal investigation jeopardizes our client’s freedom and employment. When these kinds of accusations are made, it becomes essential that you contact defense counsel immediately to assure your rights and livelihood are protected.  Often the employer or other employee will immediately want to get a statement that will bolster their viewpoint. Speaking with them after an incident other than informing them about the confrontation will do nothing more than hurt your position.  In an uncontrolled environment, and even controlled, words can be twisted to favor a particular result.  When these kind of accusations are made, you need to assure your rights and livelihood are protected. Our office is experienced in facilitating and leading critical conversations and how one can “circle the wagons”.  The criminal defense lawyers | attorneys in our office have access to a variety of respected professionals who can help mitigate or fight the consequences of such disputes in both the civil and criminal arena. In any workplace dispute involving allegations of assault, it is essential you speak with counsel before you decide to speak with anyone else.

Remember that any statements you make can and will be used or cited in any subsequent police investigation of a workplace, dispute, assault or employment investigation.  In addition, what you say and how your remarks are characterized will depend on the memory or bias of the listener. We have lost track of the number of times clients contest a report or statement and find themselves fighting the presumption of, “Why would they lie?”.  To avoid this, it is easiest to say, “I am going to speak with counsel before we speak. Can I have your contact information so they can contact you after I consult them?”. Regardless of what threats are made, doing this assures that the investigation into workplace disputes or assaults slows down and your story is thoughtfully vetted before it is told.

Whether your behavior crossed the line of criminal conduct or not, when disputes at your workplace involve an allegation or investigation of assault, it is important to carefully evaluate your position to minimize or fight the consequences. Clients retain or hire us because they want experienced, staunch and effective counsel who takes the time to make sure their rights are protected, work with competent employment law firms and are familiar with assault and dispute dynamics. Our firm is a unique blend of courtroom experience, knowledge and temperament. Consultations are free but a poor choice in counsel is not. The first step is a phone call or appointment.

Robert Rhodes

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