Stress, Work, Relationships and Criminal Law

A Criminal Defense Lawyers Prospective on Stress and Relationships in Domestic Violence Cases

Stress, Work, Relationships and Criminal Law | Seattle Criminal Defense AttorneysThere is a common misperception that all cases of domestic violence reflect a larger pattern of abuse by the male perpetrator. As our legal system had a history of ignoring or overlooking male on female violence in the home, so it has compensated with laws that are applied to all criminal cases involving allegations of domestic violence, regardless of whether the underlying problem fits the targeted behaviors. It is ironic that with a growing number of females being charged with violence, these same factors that produced the domestic violence laws we have today are being equally applied to them.

As private criminal defense lawyers | attorneys who have handled an enormous number of these kinds of cases, it has become evident that the stress of our urban society has affected our family units. The stress surrounding work, time, children, family, and relationships has increased exponentially over the last 20 years. Coping and learning to deal with how this stress affects our relationships is difficult and the criminal defense lawyers | attorneys in our office know this. Understanding this is simple, but doing something about it is another matter.

Anyone charged with a domestic violence crime involving an assault must realize that the court system does not know the difference between a case of domestic violence that is a stress related isolated incident vs. an act of violence that is part of a larger pattern of violence designed to coerce or control a partner. It becomes imperative that defense lawyers | attorneys be hired who are experienced in laying the foundation to distinguish these kinds of situations with prosecutors, judges and other professionals.  It also becomes imperative that your lawyer know what private resources and professional evaluations are available to their clients and, which ones best serve the situation.  It becomes imperative that your defense lawyer be someone you can talk and trust as well.  Distinguishing these kinds of cases and taking steps to change the situation early on has consistently improved our negotiation position and produces better results.

Effective, experienced and respected criminal defense counsel is critical in resolving these kinds of charges and situations.  Our lawyers know that criminal cases are rarely as simple as the police report and our clients hire us to make sure their rights are protected. Our firm has a unique blend of courtroom experience, knowledge and temperament.

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