"I recently found myself in an unfortunate situation where I was facing criminal allegations that were in no way based in fact. As an individual with a professional license on the line, I needed a lawyer who would fight with urgency to ensure the prosecutor's office had all of the facts before deciding whether to file charges. Robert was just that lawyer.

He had the unique ability to be a bulldog while attacking the lies being told about me while also showing absolute compassion toward the me as I dealt with all of the emotions caused by such a horrible situation.

Ultimately, charges were never filed against me. And I believe that decision was a direct result of having Robert, and everything he brings to the table (e.g. experience, resources, relationships, reputation, style, and ultimate professionalism), by my side.

I can't say enough about how highly I think of Robert!"

A Zealous Advocate!
a Criminal Defense client

"After speaking to Rob Rhodes, I decided to go ahead and retain his services. I was never formally charged, but an allegation had been made against me, and Rob recommended we take the bull by the horns. I followed his advice, relied on his knowledge, experience and compassion, and I made it through the two-and-a-half month investigation process. Charges were never filed based on the false allegation, and throughout this experience (one I wouldn't wish on any friend), Rob treated me with respect and deference and helped to make it bearable."

Highly recommended
a Criminal Defense client

"Norm exceeded every expectation I had set during the intitial consultation. Throughout the legal process I came to realize the level that judges, fellow attorneys and prosecutors respect his presence in court. He spoke with authority and continually fought for the very best outcome in each of my court appearences.
I have recommended Norm to both family members and close friends.
If I ever find myself in a position where I need legal advice, Norm will be my first phone call."

Rhetorically Brilliant
James, a Criminal Defense client.

"Robert Rhodes was extremely knowledgeable regarding my case. I developed a great sense of comfort from the first time I sat down to talk with him. He is very well organized and prepared. He's aggressive and offered the he best advice possible to support my case. The outcome of my case was dissmissed because Robert had a game plan that worked. He was honest, opinionated and extremely respectful. I am so grateful that Robert Representing me."

Best Attorney around Seattle

"Robert was very knowledgeable about the areas of law that applied to me case. He helped me navigate through a difficult situation and the outcome was the best I could have hoped for. Thank you Robert!"

Great attorney

"From the moment I first consulted Mr. Rhodes I felt like he knew what he was dealing with. I was impressed with his confidence and I immediately felt at ease. Although this may not be the case for all, everything he said would happen, happened. He argued my case firmly and eloquently. I was vindicated and I feel that without his assistance I perhaps would not have experienced the same outcome. Thank you!"

Unwarranted restraining order

"I spent two years fighting a vindictive mother that was supported by child protective services despite the mother's long history of mental problems before contacting Mr. Rhodes. Mr. Rhodes went above and beyond what anyone would expect from an attorney to protect my children from false allegations of abuse. Mr. Rhodes has the experience and expertise that is needed when dealing with the Courts, and truly cares about his clients. I wish I would have contacted him earlier in my case. Thanks to Mr. Rhodes my children have a chance at a normal life."

I highly recommend Mr. Rhodes to protect your children
a Child Abuse client

"Mr. Rhodes is both a really nice guy and a superb attorney. No matter what you criminal charges you are facing you can be sure he is going to treat with you respect which is vital in any criminal procedure. He makes you feel like a really good person and after all he does not look at you like a criminal at all but instead looks at you like a person that has committed a crime and done a mistake and from there he is willing to help you. Not only does he know the law but he also knows how to socially get you back on your feet again. Thanks Robert for all your help, it was such a pleasure getting to know you."

Superb Attorney

"I had the privilege of hiring Robert to defend me in an assault 4 case and I'm really glad I did. Robert is very knowledgable, patient, professional and trustworthy. He was able to negotiate a deal with the prosecutor so that my case will be dismissed under the stipulation that I stay out of trouble for the next two years. I'm very satisfied with the outcome and would highly recommend Robert to anyone seeking a good attorney."

Highly Recommended
a Criminal Defense client

"I cannot give a higher recommendation to Robert Rhodes. I was very comfortable with him on our first visit for a situation in which I was very vulnerable and emotional. He not only prepared a well thought out case for my defense, but almost more importantly, he had such deep knowledge of domestic violence situations and gave me very strong personal advice and told me he wouldn't take my case unless I protected myself so I wouldn't be in that situation again. I followed every piece of his advice, he got my case dismissed and it will be expunged from my record, and I am personally stronger as a result of his advice. It was nice to have an attorney who dealt with my issues with confidence, experience and a sense of humor that allowed me to move on with my life and for that, I'm very thankful".

I can not say enough good things – He put my life back on track

"My case happened on the weekend and Norm called us back right away. He is very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions calming us down. I felt from the day I met Norm that i was in good hands he was always honest didn't candy coat anything.you knew he always had your best intrest at heart. He truly cares about his clients. His knowledge of the legal system is admirable. The way Norm interacts with everyone involved is professional and respectful. If I ever need a lawyer again I will always call Norm thank you Norm from the bottom of my heart. God Bless"

Best Lawyer You Could Ever Have!
Casey, a Criminal Defense client