Bar Fights

Bar Fights and Assaults: A Criminal Defense Lawyer | Attorney’s Perspective

In our role as criminal defense lawyers | attorneys, other than driving while intoxicated, fights and assaults are some of the most commonly charged crimes arising out of alcohol consumption and bars. While some fights are minor or go unreported, the police and prosecuting attorneys do follow through with investigations and prosecution when they can.  If you or a loved one has left the scene: video, credit cards, license plates and witnesses can still lead to arrest so a consultation and/or retaining a criminal defense lawyer | attorney in advance is a wise decision for a number.

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A consultation with a criminal defense lawyer/attorney gives you the opportunity to have a private conversation that is fully protected by attorney client privilege where questions and concerns can be addressed in confidence. In such a setting, you can have a frank discussion with a criminal defense attorney | lawyer who has intimate knowledge about how crimes are investigated, how charging decisions are made, what likely crimes will be charged, which police agency is likely investigating the crime, what an arrest might look like, whether giving a statement or speaking with the police makes sense or not, how to arrange bail if you’re arrested, as well as a whole host of other questions and decisions.  Though the police may have been involved, they do not always do the best job possible. Identifying potential witnesses, video, texts, bar tabs, marks and bruises can be essential regardless of whether this information will be used later or not.

Aside from the above listed issues, in the investigation or charging stage of a bar fight case where alcohol and/or drugs may be involved and an assault occurs, we often speak with our clients in detail about drug and alcohol evaluations. Whether such an evaluation is necessary or not, it is best to take an upfront/front loaded approach to any case. The most obvious reason for doing this starts with looking at your case from a judge’s prospective.

If you are charged, the first issue a judge must address is bail.  Bail should focus on two issues: threat to the community and flight risk. This means the judge needs to decide whether you should remain in jail or if they should release you; and, if so, what conditions should be imposed.  One of the first issues a judge will address in a criminal is the threat/risk you or a loved one poses to himself or herself or the community.  Your defense attorney’s ability to show the court that their client is interested in being responsible and is a rational functioning member of the community directly influences that judge’s decision.  If alcohol is part of the facts surrounding a bar fight or assault, a court will want to know whether there is a problem with alcohol that can lead to a lack of self-control and more police contact. Telling a court that a drug and alcohol evaluation has already been arranged is a concrete demonstration of the kind of rational behavior that judges want addressed. We have counseled and spoken with thousands of clients about these evaluations and we are highly knowledgeable about the specifics of this process and which agencies are trustworthy and objective.

Other issues we often consider in bar fights include self-defense, mutual combat as well as voluntary and involuntary intoxication. Alcohol fueled assaults arising out of bar fights are difficult cases. In order to get the best result in negotiation or trial, our criminal defense lawyers | attorneys explore and use every strategy available.

Clients hire us because they want experienced, devoted, resolute and effective counsel who will take the time to make sure their rights are protected. Our firm is a unique blend of courtroom experience, skills, knowledge and temperament. Consultations are free but a poor choice in counsel can be costly. The first step is a phone call or appointment.

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