Master Hunter Permit

Master Hunter Permits | A Defense Lawyer’s Viewpoint | The Criminal and Administrative Problems in Washington

General Information on Master Hunter Permits

Many men and women have invested a significant amount of their time, money and life into achieving a Master Hunter Permit.  Washington has created the master hunter permit to promote responsible hunting and utilize vested and skilled hunters in the management of game and wildlife. In addition to receiving a special patch and personalize permit, Master Hunters are eligible to participate in special hunts aimed at reducing property damage and/or public safety problems posed by wildlife. This is a highly sought after achievement.

Applications are accepted between January 1st and February 15th of each year.  All of the program requirements must be completed by November of the same year. As a part of the application, an individual must demonstrate proficiency with bow, crossbow, handgun, muzzleloader, rifle, shotgun shooting shot, or shotgun shooting slugs and submit proof.  Another requirement is volunteering for 20 hours on a project benefiting state wildlife resources.  There will also be a test which you need to study for and then take in person.  A passing score of 80% is required.  Taking a crime observation and reporting training (CORT) is also a requirement as is signing an agreement that you will abide by the master hunter code of ethics.  Lastly, a law enforcement background search will be conducted.

Impact of Criminal Charges on Master Hunter Permits

Becoming a master hunter is very time consuming and difficult. Should you run afoul of the law, the designation can be very quickly taken away from you.  Even a fish & wildlife infraction will result in a two year suspension of the master hunter permit.  If convicted of a fish & wildlife crime, or a number of other crimes while engaged in a fish & wildlife activity, then the master hunter permit will be suspended for life. Similarly, if an individual submits false information to Fish & Wildlife or that individual’s hunting or fishing privileges are suspended in another state, this will also result in a suspension of the master hunter permit for life.  Anytime you get an infraction, citation or charge and you have a Master Hunter permit, the situation is serious and we can help.

It is important to note simply being charged with (not convicted) trespassing, reckless endangerment, criminal conspiracy, or making a false statement while engaging in an activity regulated by Fish & Wildlife may immediately suspend the master hunter permit until there is a resolution.  You have rights should Fish & Wildlife intend to suspend the master hunter permit.  Upon receiving notice of suspension, a master hunter must follow the appeal guidelines outlined in the administrative procedure act.  It is important to contact us immediately if you receive a notice of suspension, as the time limits on appeals are tight and inflexible.  If you fail to respond by the deadline, you will have lost the right to appeal.

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