WSDH Discipline and Regulatory Activities

Washington State Department of Health | WSDH | The Discipline and Regulation of Health Care Professionals and their Licenses | A Lawyer’s Perspective.

"Northwest Hospital Seattle" by Scott Areman - Northwest Hospital marketing department. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikipedia

“Northwest Hospital Seattle” by Scott Areman – Northwest Hospital marketing department. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikipedia

From the perspective of lawyers working in the administrative legal system, the Washington Department of Health, WSDH, is simply an enormous administrative agency whose powers and duties are only limited by the authority granted to it by the legislature.

Aside from directly managing, protecting and improving the health of people in Washington State, the Washington State Department of Health:

  1. Oversees 26 boards, commissions and advisory committees that manage more than 75 licensed, registered, and certified health professionals.
  2. Regulates 7,000 healthcare facilities, organizations, and programs.
  3. Writes policy and law
  4. Investigates Complaints and administers sanctions
  5. Conducts Adjudicative Proceedings though Washington’s Health Adjudicative Service Unit (ASU) or has delegated such duties to a particular board, commission department or committee
  6. Enforce Orders via its own Legal Unit

Our legal practice focuses on the regulation and discipline of Washington state health care professions and the professionals who work in them.

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