Washington’s Administrative Procedure Act

Washington’s Administrative Procedure Act – Adjudicative Proceeding Timeline.  An administrative law attorney | lawyer’s view on Washington’s Administrative Procedure Act.

"WACapitolLegislativeBldg" by User:Cacophony - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Commons

“WACapitolLegislativeBldg” by User:Cacophony – Own work. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Commons

In Washington, there are numerous different administrative agencies that may attempt to enforce rules and regulations that will impact your business, career, licensures or livelihood.  Whenever your rights could be, or are impacted by actions of a Washington State government administrative agency, there is almost always a process to fight. Businesses and people consult our administrative lawyers | attorneys to understand this process and to take action.

The Washington State Administrative Procedure Act provide the primary structure for timelines and your rights when a Washington State Administrative Agency chooses to take action against an individual or business.  The opinions and information contained within this section focuses on the general outline of the Washington State Administrative Procedure Act (APA), however, be aware that several agencies have their own rules that apply in conjunction with this Act, so it is important to seek fact specific advise from lawyers (for example health care professionals have their own rules) familiar with Washington administrative law.  As attorneys with criminal, administrative and civil backgrounds, the lawyers in our firm can help guide and advise you on the specific rules and issues relevant to your situation.   Other sections within this section of the website go into greater detail as to the various types of hearings and issues these kinds of proceedings raise.

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When it comes to an administrative proceedings, the government does not go out of its way to help.  Though all Washington administrative agencies use attorneys | lawyers, individuals and businesses generally do not have the right to consult with one or be represented by one.  It is essential you recognize administrative law timelines have no room for error, deadlines and rules in administrative law matters are generally final and any appeal must be properly set up if your goal is to win.  As such, businesses and individuals must be very careful not to be penny wise but pound-foolish. As administrative law attorneys we act in our client’s best interest and make it our business to know and pay attention to the details.

As the administrative process moves forward, decisions will have to be made and opportunities to resolve your case will appear or disappear depending on how your case is litigated. An experienced administrative lawyer will help create, identify and discuss these windows while helping you weigh argument and opportunities.

Our firm is defined by its goal oriented mentality, blue collar work ethic, teamwork and a refreshingly clear approach to candid legal counseling in complex situations.  Our firm of attorneys have over 50 years of combined legal experience and with this comes a great deal of experience and wisdom.   If you are considering your options, call or email to schedule an appointment.

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