Emergency Orders, Motions and Proceedings

Emergency Orders, Motions and Proceedings.  An administrative law attorney | lawyer’s view on handling quick emergency orders, motions and proceedings.

waIn Washington administrative law, administrative agencies will sometimes deem it necessary to act quickly based on a perceived “emergency”, or, sometimes private parties need immediate relief from a administrative agency’s actions.  These kind of hearing are called emergency adjudicative proceedings. These kinds of proceedings can cause panic because they catch clients and businesses flat footed because they arise fast.  Our office has fought a wide variety of these kind of motions and proceedings and they require your administrative law lawyer | attorney to be quick on their feet, quick to respond and able to think on their feet. These kinds of cases are filed in situations where it is claimed that immediate danger to the public health, safety, or welfare requires immediate agency action or, in some cases, require immediate action against an agency. From a winning prospective, one key to prevailing in these kinds of cases is to recognize that the agency in question can only take such steps necessary to avoid the immediate danger in question, it cannot build a case on speculation and, it must be within an agencies jurisdiction to take action.  Administrative law lawyers and their firms who handle these kinds of cases must be prepared and able to litigate fiercely with little notice.

Keep in mind that when issuing an emergency order, the agency at issue must provide a statement of facts, conclusion of law and policy reason(s) why it decided to exercise its discretion and justifying the determination for an immediate danger.  Although an agency is generally required to give as much notice as possible to the impacted parties, by law, an emergency order will go into effect as soon as it is entered.  Also, after issuing the order, the agency must then proceed as quickly as possible to complete the proceeding as if it were not involving an immediate danger.

If you, your business or a loved one is facing an emergency motion or proceeding it is essential that you be prepared to act and it is our advice you set an appointment with our office as soon as possible.   If we are retained to help, our office regularly accommodates evening and weekend meetings on these kinds of cases as there is such a short window to prepare to fight them. 

Our firm is defined by its goal and team oriented mentality, blue-collar work ethic, an intense dislike of losing and a refreshingly clear approach to candid legal counseling.  Our reputation and reviews reflect this. As a team and we have the ability to act quickly and decisively and together, our lawyers have over 50 years of combined legal experience. 

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