Can a Business file for a Protection Order?

Can a Business file a Protection Order? A Civil Lawyer’s | Attorney’s Perspective based on Experience.

In general, no but ….

In general, a business cannot file a civil protection order  directly (there are exceptions for businesses that file on behalf of a vulnerable adults but no such exceptions for harassment, threats or sexual misconduct).  Civil protection orders are designed to provide a quick legal remedy to prevent violence and harassment of persons, not businesses.  There are legal actions that businesses can raise against other businesses (such as Tortious Interference of Business Relations), and there are other civil remedies that allow for Judge grants restraining order in contentious mill strike, but it is our office’s position that if the action involves harassment or threats by one business against another business, you cannot file for a Protection order.

HOWEVER, if the harassment, inappropriate sexual misconduct or threats are directed at a particular employee or manager of the business, then that particular employee or manager has grounds for filing a civil protection order.  The same is true if a business’s employee or manager threatens, harasses or makes inappropriate advances on another employee or person in their professional capacity: the employee or person can file for an Order of Protection against the business employee. So businesses cannot file but they can pay the legal fees for the employee’s protection order.  We know, we have litigated these situations.

As lawyers | attorneys, we have prosecuted and defended anti-harassment orders, sexual assault protection orders  and domestic violence protections orders between employees (employee vs. employee) and between employees and managers (employee vs. manager). The court provides protection against certain behavior no matter what the setting.

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