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The Rhodes Legal Group focuses on providing assistance and litigation service in Criminal, Administrative & Civil Law for the Northwest region.

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Areas of Practice

Criminal Law

With over 75 years of combined experience handling criminal investigations and charges, we understand this system from top to bottom. If you think you may be investigated or charged, the sooner you meet with competent counsel the better.


Any time you are dealing with an administrative agency, be it over an administrative investigation, licensing issue or permit, you must plan on dealing with a bureaucracy and act accordingly. Having level headed, staunch, experienced counsel in your corner will help.

Business Law

Whether its is starting a business, selling a business or sorting out an internal or external dispute, seeking the counsel of a 25 year business veteran who is also a lawyer is smart. Patrick Kwan is not textbook and theory, he understands how business really works.

Fraud/Civil Law

We aggressively serve a group of carefully selected clients who have been hurt, mislead, defrauded, cheated or abused. Clients choose us because we are bulldogs who have a straight talking, no nonsense nature that engenders trust and confidence.

(206) 708-7852

918 S Horton St #901 Seattle, WA 98134
Email us at attorneys@rhodeslegalgroup.com.

Choosing the right counsel for your case is essential. Choosing bad counsel can set the tone for a long and difficult road. Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your situation.

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