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Domestic Violence Protection Orders

Civil Domestic Violence Protection Order Litigation. An Experienced Lawyer | Attorney’s Perspective If you have been served with a Domestic Violence Protection Order and are considering fighting it, read the section on fighting a protection order as well as the content below.  If you are looking to pursue a Domestic Violence Protection order with or…

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Guns, Ammunition and the Lautenberg Amendment: Federal Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction

The Lautenberg Amendment, Guns and Ammunition: The Federal Consequences of a Criminal Conviction. A Washington Criminal Defense Lawyer | Attorney’s Perspective. A criminal conviction for almost all domestic violence crimes in Washington will result in the permanent loss of your federal right to possess a firearm or ammunition because of the Lautenberg Amendment, the short…

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Health Care Licenses and Domestic Violence

Health Care Providers and Domestic Violence: The Consequences of Conviction. A Washington Criminal and Administrative Defense Lawyer | Attorney’s Perspective. Health Care Providers should know that a criminal conviction  is considered “conclusive evidence” of the facts contained in that crime for the purposes of a finding “unprofessional conduct” under the Uniform Disciplinary Act.  The Uniform Disciplinary…

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Mandatory Arrest? Domestic Violence Cases

Mandatory Arrest in Domestic Violence Cases: A Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Perspective. Why did Someone Get Arrested for Domestic Violence and Taken to Jail? If you or a loved one has been arrested for a crime involving Domestic Violence, sometimes it is not so clear why the police officers decided to arrest one party.  On “wobblier”…

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