Internet & Cyber Misconduct

Civil Harassment, Stalking & the Internet

A Washington lawyer’s perspective on the stalking, civil harassment, the internet and issues surrounding these kind of allegations based on experience. Overview Harassment and stalking are not recently developed types of behavior. These two behaviors have occurred in some form or another throughout history. However, with the new Internet age (making it easier to impulsively…

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A Lawyer’s | Attorney’s Perspective on Stalking based on Experience. Overview In Washington, when stalking moves from the online realm (read our section on Cyberstalking) and into the physical world, a separate criminal statute applies. Whether you are being accused of stalking or you think you are the victim of stalking, it is important to…

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Cyberbullying in Schools

A Washington Civil Lawyer’s Perspective on Bullying or Cyber-Bullying in Schools Overview The vast majority of parents experienced or witnessed bullying while growing up but it was limited to name calling and violence. The current generations of children are experiencing bullying in an entirely different manner in a way that the older generation may not…

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