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As a businessman with over 25 years of real world business experience in starting up, managing, operating, merging, and transitioning businesses, I understand what it takes to make a business successful. That said, I also have a degree in law which has helped a lot.  The merging of my business experience and a legal background has put me in an ideal position to help businesses understand the law, counsel and apply the law.  I am not your typical business lawyer who is argumentative and litigious, however as part of the Rhodes Legal Group, PLLC I have ready access to a team of litigators if disputes cannot be resolved sensibly.

What many businesses seek in a lawyer and counsel is an understanding of the issues and an advocate who can defend and protect their business so they can concentrate on sustained success. Many business lawyers lack business world experience and only understand business law as text book and theory and thus, do not understand the realities of owning a business. The bottom line is, they don’t understand the grind because they have never been in the grind.

Experienced business counsel helps you understand the issues, protects your rights, sustains relationships and defends your business. Great business lawyers help you plan, anticipate, and forecast for what the future may hold for your business. What if you have a business partner who is taking out too many profits, or there is a business dispute that could cripple your business, or a partner gets divorced, or you don’t understand a contract or are asked to provide one, you become terminally ill or you have a oral business agreement go sideways or get into business with the wrong person, or mental illness strikes a business owner? What do you do in times of disagreement with your partner or another business? What do you do if an administrative or criminal investigation is started against you? Although many of these issues can be addressed when you start your business, there are unforeseen and new situations that every business faces.

I’ve helped businesses of all types from small start ups, charities, world recognized athletes, professional sports teams and leagues, pop-stars, entertainers, and world wide brands in their business endeavors. What all of these clients have in common is that business law affects them regardless of size, popularity, or revenue and they all benefited from sound business advice. Look for experienced business counsel who can guide you through your business career and can help you plan, understand, and focus down the road to success.

Patrick W. Kwan is a Seattle based business law attorney with over 25 years of business world experience who has helped many business start up, get to scale, and achieve success and their goals. Email or call 206-708-7852 to set an appointment with Mr. Kwan.

Patrick Kwan

With near over 25 years of business world experience as an entrepreneur, distributor and manufacturer, Patrick Kwan is the kind of experienced business leader and lawyer who understands business from conception to sustained, profitable, on-going operation. Mr. Kwan brings his proven track record of success in innovation, leadership, business growth, management, sales, and operations to the counsel and practice of law. As an attorney, he is highly motivated, resourceful, hard-working, goal-orientated, a great team player, well-organized, and able to transcend adversity. Read more >>
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