Winning King County Real Estate Tax Appeals

You’ve finally saved for the down payment on your home, but now you find that your King County real estate taxes have gone up. Ouch… The only constants are death and taxes so the story goes, but your home really should not have gone up that much. I don’t believe in bad luck. Maybe you didn’t improve the home or land, maybe the assessor made a mistake, maybe the other homes in your neighborhood increased due to renovations or gentrification. There is something you can do. Win the King County real estate tax appeal.

Washington State real estate have been increasing, but how much tax should you be paying? While the market may have cooled, taxation and valuation continue to rise. Often times, the increase is not equal to the market or even a correct or accurate valuation. Washington State has tasked the Washington State Department of Revenue to collect on these taxes. What do you do if you have an unfair or inaccurate valuation? Win the King County real estate tax appeal. In order to do this, you should appeal with an experience Washington State real estate tax appeals attorney. Patrick Kwan, a Washington State real estate appeals attorney handles real estate tax appeals in Washington State. Mr. Kwan chairs the Real Estate Practice Group at Rhodes Legal Group, PLLC, a Seattle area real estate law firm handling real estate and real estate appeal matters. Mr. Kwan’s advice, “win the King County real estate tax appeal.”

In the current political environment, taxes are on the rise in King County, schools, the homeless, police, mental illness, state programs, all affect our taxation rate. It’s not to say you do not want to support these programs, but how much should you be contributing and whether or not your tax rate is fair. For example, apartment dwellers do not have these taxes, but landowners do. In one sense it says “you own, land, you can afford it.” It also says maybe renters are wiser, more prudent, or don’t have the funds to contribute. King County Assessor, John Wilson and the King County Assessor’s Office put up this video on about how King County real estate assessments are calculated.

Generalizations will not help you win the King County real estate tax appeal, but an experienced real estate tax appeals attorney can certainly fight and help.

“I have appeals, fought, and won matters like this for my clients. While taxes must be paid, it should be done in a fair manner and not done haphazardly. When property is inaccurately taxed, it not only hits your pocket book, but it’s also unfair to the land owner to pay above the actual value of the land.” Sites like and can help you value the property, but in some cases, they can be inaccurate. The Assessor’s office does have historical data and tax info that can be helpful in winning the King County real estate tax appeal.

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