Why You Should Have An Experienced Seattle Area Import Export Attorney

While the Trump trade war continues to hold the world economy hostage  and President Trump continues to dangle a US China trade deal as the carrot, businesses world wide are affected. As an experienced Seattle area import export attorney https://rhodeslegalgroup.com/seattle-criminal-law-attorneys/patrick-kwan/, I understand the apprehension and uneasiness of having your business affected. There are a few things you can do to try to insulate yourself in the event a US China trade deal is not agreed to in the current administration.

  1. Find an experienced Seattle area import export attorney.
    This single action will help you navigate the waters of importing and exporting if you have no experience or if you are an experienced importer or exporter. An experienced import export attorney will help you deal with customs and business related issues including US Customs and foreign government searches, holds, and seizures. Don’t go at this alone. Go with an experienced Seattle area import export attorney. Having someone local makes the interface and interaction easier. Especially when meeting face to face vs working remotely.
  2. Defining your goods and the correct classifications.
    Does US Customs Or the foreign government that is holding or has seized your goods understand the good or the nature of your goods? An experienced Seattle area import export attorney may be able to help you find the right classification for your goods.

    The Port of Seattle is one of the highest volume ports in the world. That being said many times customs entries are glossed over by unmotivated examiners. An experienced Seattle area import export attorney can help you tighten up your import export business and better set you up for success.

    Patrick Kwan is a Seattle area import export attorney. Mr. Kwan chairs the Business Practice Group at Rhodes Legal Group, PLLC, a Seattle area business law firm. Rhodes Legal Group handles Seattle area import export matters. For more information on Patrick Kwan and his business practice visit www.rhodeslegalgroup.com or view Mr. Kwan’s profile and view Mr. Kwan’s published business law articles.

Patrick Kwan

With near over 25 years of business world experience as an entrepreneur, distributor and manufacturer, Patrick Kwan is the kind of experienced business leader and lawyer who understands business from conception to sustained, profitable, on-going operation. Mr. Kwan brings his proven track record of success in innovation, leadership, business growth, management, sales, and operations to the counsel and practice of law. As an attorney, he is highly motivated, resourceful, hard-working, goal-orientated, a great team player, well-organized, and able to transcend adversity. Read more >>
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