Owning Your Own Business

Owning your own business. A dream to many, but a curse to others. Not having to answer to anyone and being the captain of your own ship, the master of your own destiny can be exciting, sexy, liberating, but the other side is daunting, stressful, and exhausting. Having sound a sound Seattle business lawyer in your corner can help balance out the extremes and possibly even get you to where you are going to work with a smile on your face every day and living the dream. American Express writer, Erika Napoletano penned a great article about the hard truths of owning your own business. The article is insightful, but thoughtful and mindful planning with an experienced business lawyer cannot be replaced. As an experienced business law attorney in Seattle, it would be foolish to simply go to the State of Washington and just open a business without thoughtful pregame planning and strategizing with an experienced business attorney. There are too many missteps that can cripple the business later. What if you have a bad business partner or what if you disagree later? What if the business focus changes? What if you do not plan for the future and you are pigeon holed into what you have created. An experienced business law attorney can help you eliminate many of these mistakes before they occur.

As a business owner in Seattle and internationally for over 30 years, I understand business. I understand the day to day operations, the grind, the struggle, the success, the failures, the obstacles, and the benefits. In law school business law is text book and theory. In the real life text book and theory based advice can certainly help, but a business lawyer with experience owning, operating, running, working, sweating, and managing a business can help gain a great deal of perspective. The analogy I use is in sports X’s and O’s look great on a chalk board and in theory it should work, but what happens when the play blows up or it does not go according to plan? What if the perception is not reality and that’s just not how the real business world operates? You’re stuck scrambling to keep the play alive and turn the scramble into success. The pressure mounts and your options are limited, but you have an opportunity to turn the botched play into possibly the greatest achievement in your life. This is what a business lawyer with real business world experience an offer.

I have personally been working as a business lawyer in Seattle and internationally in my own businesses and for my clients for over 16 years. I can offer the unique perspective that only a business owner and Seattle business lawyer can offer. Advice based on experience, knowledge, and real world application. The Puget Sound Business Journal is a great tool to get to know the Seattle area business scene. Operating a business in Seattle is interesting because of the diverse demographics, the local focus that feeds on international trade, business, industry, and tourism. You should have an experienced guide who knows the terrain.

The business law landscape in Seattle and internationally are changing. Foreign investment, immigration, new laws, new international policy all affect the Seattle area business law. An experienced business lawyer in Seattle can offer dynamic options for your business, your career, and quality of life. The Stranger published an article boasting that Seattle is not the third largest market for real estate foreign investment. This can have a profound impact on your business. Who is your landlord? Who is your competition and what are you doing to differentiate yourself or what are you doing better? An experienced business law attorney can help you plan and prepare for your engagement in Seattle or international market.

Patrick Kwan is an experienced business lawyer based in Seattle with international experience and has owned and operated businesses for over 30 years. Mr. Kwan is the chair of Business Practice Group at Rhodes Legal Group, PLLC a Seattle area based business law firm. For more information on Rhodes Legal Group, PLLC and their Seattle area based law practice, visit https://rhodeslegalgroup.com/business-law-seattle-attorneys/

Patrick Kwan

With near over 25 years of business world experience as an entrepreneur, distributor and manufacturer, Patrick Kwan is the kind of experienced business leader and lawyer who understands business from conception to sustained, profitable, on-going operation. Mr. Kwan brings his proven track record of success in innovation, leadership, business growth, management, sales, and operations to the counsel and practice of law. As an attorney, he is highly motivated, resourceful, hard-working, goal-orientated, a great team player, well-organized, and able to transcend adversity. Read more >>
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