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Seattle is one of the most trade friendly port cities in the world. Boasting a convenient pacific rim locale and being an attractive trading port world wide. Seattle’s import export businesses continue to thrive. Having an experience Seattle area import export attorney is a must for any import export business in the Seattle area. Patrick Kwan is an experience Seattle area import export attorney and has over 30 years of practical and real life importing and exporting experience. Having done business in the Seattle area as well as world wide and domestically, Mr. Kwan’s expertise in import and exporting makes him a valuable asset to his clients and their trading partners.

“There are many pitfalls that businesses can get seduced and trapped into. Not to mention mistakes that the inexperienced make often. Having an experienced Seattle area import export attorney can make all the difference in the world and give you the peace of mind so you can concentrate on running a successful business.” says Patrick Kwan, an experienced Seattle area import export attorney.

Mr. Kwan continued with “There are many portals to import and export that appear to make it easy, such as and to name a few. What’s great about is that you get a lot of sources in one area, but there is a facade that needs to be lowered. The reality is that many of these items are unlicensed, may not be what they appear to be, or you are not dealing with the actual source of supply, but rather an agent of an agent, or a friend, or even multiple agents all representing the same factory. One of the biggest issues is accountability from the vendor. In some cases United States Customs can be helpful, but you have to know what it is you need and what it is you need to accomplish. It is very common for businesses to lose their shirts and be forced to walk away when being wronged by a Chinese or overseas factory.”

A thorough vetting of a vendor as well as boots on the ground are two ways you can reduce stress and increase accountability. It’s also a solid business practice. Patrick Kwan, chairs the business practice group at Rhodes Legal Group, PLLC, a Seattle area business law firm handing matters including import and export.

At some point you or a close friend or relative will have the light go on and you will have a million dollar idea. Mr. Kwan has the experience to advise and counsel you from the light going off, to design, to manufacturing, marketing, and sales. While Seattle area import and exporting cannot be covered in one article, visit  often to see the latest article published by Patrick Kwan, an experienced Seattle area import and export attorney.

For more information on Patrick Kwan and import export related issues, contact Rhodes Legal Group, PLLC, a Seattle area real estate law firm handling Seattle area import and export as well as business matters in Seattle. Rhodes Legal Group, PLLC can reached at (206)708-7852 or at

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With near over 25 years of business world experience as an entrepreneur, distributor and manufacturer, Patrick Kwan is the kind of experienced business leader and lawyer who understands business from conception to sustained, profitable, on-going operation. Mr. Kwan brings his proven track record of success in innovation, leadership, business growth, management, sales, and operations to the counsel and practice of law. As an attorney, he is highly motivated, resourceful, hard-working, goal-orientated, a great team player, well-organized, and able to transcend adversity. Read more >>
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