Businesses and Restraining Orders

Can A Business File A Civil Protection Order?

No, because a business is not a person. For more information on why, visit our article on businesses and civil protection orders. If you are a business and you are being harassed and or interfered with, you are not without remedy. Below are a few tips that can help you protect your business from harassment and interference.

The first question that needs to be answered is “What is this person or other business or entity doing to my business?” It’s critical to identify the party so we can seek the proper legal remedy.

The second question is “Is this conduct interfering in a business interest, harming my business, or affecting my business?” This question determines the proper remedy to seek.

The simple remedy is tell this person, party, entity, business, etc. to stop. Do it verbally and also put it in writing. An experienced business law attorney can draft a cease and desist or demand letter quickly and have it served quickly. Rhodes Legal Group, a Seattle area based business, criminal, and civil law firm drafts demand and cease and desist letters regularly and successfully serves them on behalf of clients. For more information on Rhodes Legal Group, contact

Once these two questions are answered and you have demanded a stop to the behavior, if the conduct continues, call a business law attorney. At this point, money, time, opportunity, profits, reputations, and future business are at stake. It’s not worth risking waiting for the conduct to stop. Make it stop so you can continue operating your business and concentrating on your business. Don’t be derailed by distractions. A business law attorney will help put a stop to the conduct.

Depending on the type of behavior, you may be able to seek some of the following legal theories to support a suit against the party.

  1. Defamation (either spoken or written, including the internet and social media).
  2. Interference with a business expectancy, contract, or expectation. Has the conduct affected your opportunity, or affected you financially? offers additional explanation and the Washington State Practice Manual jury instructions on the matter. They can be viewed here.

For more information on protecting your business interests and Seattle area business law, contact Rhodes Legal Group, PLLC a Seattle area based business, criminal, and civil law firm.

Rhodes Legal Group’s business section is chaired by Patrick Kwan, a business law attorney with over 25 years of practical and real world business experience. Pat has owned, operated, merged, acquired, and sold businesses as well as negotiated on behalf of businesses. This has led to a unique and deep understanding of businesses and their operation. To view Pat’s bio, click  here.

Patrick Kwan

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