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Posts by Patrick Kwan

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Other Cryptocurrencies and their Illegal Uses

A Washington Lawyer’s Opinion on Cryptocurrencies and the Legal Issues Surrounding Illegal Use. Patrick Kwan is a Seattle area business law attorney who handles Bitcoin and cryptocurrency matters.  The issue of illegal vs. legal uses of cryptocurrencies will be an issue of growing importance and is worth talking about. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash,…

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The Pitfalls and Cons of Using Template Legal Documents

What’s the big deal with template legal documents or using an online legal service? It seems quick, cheap, and effective. The reality is that you may have documents done quickly because they are prefinished, template, basic, fill in the blank and the cost may be less than going to a business lawyer in the Seattle…

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Starting a Business in Seattle and in Washington State

That magical moment when you land on your million dollar idea is exciting, like Willy Wonka finding the golden ticket. Your thoughts turn to success, wealth, and financial freedom. Maybe you can even quit your job and devote your time to the million dollar idea or even retire. I encourage my clients to dream, develop,…

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Businesses and Restraining Orders

Can A Business File A Civil Protection Order? No, because a business is not a person. For more information on why, visit our article on businesses and civil protection orders. If you are a business and you are being harassed and or interfered with, you are not without remedy. Below are a few tips that…

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Why Write Demand Letters and What Do They Do

You never know what you might get until you ask is an old saying and for the most part its true. When an issue comes up, whether you are an individual or a business, you want it resolved and you want it done quickly. It makes no sense to make the process painful, costly, time…

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