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What is Delivery of a Controlled Substance?

In every state in the United States, including Washington, it is a crime for any person to deliver a controlled substance unless authorized by law.

What is the definition of delivery?

Delivery is defined as the actual or constructive transfer from one person to another of a substance. Many delivery charges involve informants and the Buy / Bust scenario is very common where a drug deal is set up thru a 3rd party, i.e. an informant. Once money has exchanged hands and the drugs are transferred you have a delivery or at least an attempt to commit delivery.

How then do you defend delivery charges?

Our legal team of criminal defense lawyers has decades of combined experience in defending delivery charges. From a defense lawyer’s prospective, there are many angles associated with these charges that can help lead to a favorable negotiated settlement, dismissal or prevailing at trial.   Dismissals are generally based on some failure by the State or Federal Officers in following Washington or Federal law surrounding the search or seizure of the person or drugs. These constitutional defenses are very real. In terms of settlements, depending on the circumstances and quantity, delivery charges can be mitigated a variety of ways, with proof of an addiction drug problem and treatment being the most common. Delivery charges can be mitigated by holding the state accountable to proving their case: if your law firm can and will try a case, prosecutors are much more willing to deal reasonably.

What are the penalties associated with this charge?

In Washington, delivery of an illegal or control drug is a felony charge. Depending on the type of drug involved, delivery charges range from Class B or a Class C felonies. The penalties associated with delivery charges are dependent on the Schedule/type of controlled substance/illegal drug involved in the drug transaction so firm answers require your lawyer to know the specifics of your charge. Call and set a meeting to discuss your case.

Over the years our firm has extensive experience in defending individuals charged with the illegal drugs and controlled substances. We have been successful in defending these cases and have achieved results from dismissals to significant reductions in time and probation. Call us at 206-708-7852 or email to set up an appointment.

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